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About Suzan

Suzan was born in Somerset, a few miles from the fabled “Isle of Avalon” [Glastonbury], England. At a young age, her family moved to Malaysia where she lived high in the mountains amidst dense jungle, until 8 years old. This isolation, although alien to such a young child, led by default to hours of natural meditation and inner harmony.


Birds, animals, insects, even reptiles became sources of amusement and curiosity to the young child, still at an age where fear was yet to be felt. Returning to England, those early experiences ensured Suzan’s life was always enriched by her strong belief in the “Source of all Creation” as witnessed by that child. Arriving in Australia was yet another adventure and special place to raise a family.


Spiritual beliefs were enhanced by Suzan’s love of channelling discovered in 1996, bringing with it a new awareness and understanding of how inspiration is able to flow effortlessly.


Suzan is a Spiritual Teacher, Channeller, Reiki Master/Teacher, Seichim Master/Teacher, Advanced Pranic Healer, Tarot Teacher and Angel Intuitive.

Over the years, Suzan has studied extensively in many areas including:

  • Psychic Development Course with Deborah Brown, English Psychic

  • Psychic Awareness & Past Life personal mentoring with Lynn Kitchin, Professional Clairvoyant

  • Certified Course in Feng Shui – The Barton Institute

  • Certified One-year Tarot Course with Stella Woods – “Living Now” Columnist & Astrological Radio Presenter

  • Certified Advanced Pranic Healer – Ashish Institute for Inner Studies with Dr Hazel Wardha

  • Certified MASTER/Teacher Usui Method of Natural healing – Reiki. ARC Member – Spiritual Lynx

  • Certified MASTER/Teacher Sekhem Seichem – Master Dalene Knowles

  • AI – Angel Intuitive – Doreen Virtue’s Course

  • Mediumship: Connecting with the Otherside” Workshop,  Lisa Williams

  • Mediumship Bootcamp with Sunny Burgess, James Van Praagh’s recommended Medium

  • ALL LOVE study with Patrick Scott Zeigler [brought Sekhem Seichim to the world]

  • THE LIQUID CRYSTALS Practitioner Course with Pauline Ellen

  • ADVANCED LIQUID CRYSTALS Course with Stan Manaszczuk 

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