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Sekhem Seichim

Seichim is ancient and sacred. It is an advanced form of hands-on healing, having sounds and symbols, and it is said Seichim is the parent energy of all hands-on healings systems. It is believed that Seichim originates from Atlantean times. However, in a more traceable form, it can be shown that Seichim was practised by the Mayan civilisation in South America, before being introduced to Egypt. In Egypt, it was translated and transcribed from hieroglyphs by the Shin Yon Buddhists, of that time and taken back to India and Japan. Although ancient in its essence, in modern terms Seichim can be regarded as new and exciting.

Seichim is much more than simply a hands-on healing technique it is an advanced form of telepathically directed “Healing” and leads to greater unfoldment and understanding of your Spiritual Self. The great spiritual and religious teachers throughout history have spoken about the importance of “Love”. Seichim is Unconditional Love in action. Unlike Reiki, the Seichim Healing Symbols are taught and practised at these first two levels.

We also invoke the presence of QUAN YIN who appears and offers her gentle love and compassion to our day of learning and healing.




For over a decade Suzy Rideout has been a teacher, friend and Sponsor of Sekhem. She has a very strong connection to energy and is an excellent teacher. Her depth of experience is quite rare. You might say she is a teacher of teachers. The ability to be a good teacher as well as being extremely aware of energy and how it flows in the body is one of her specialties. Suzy also combines this with a powerful intuition. This is why she teaches many modalities. I highly recommend any class that Suzy teaches.
All Love ♡ Patrick Zeigler ☥
Founder of Sekhem® and All-Love®

“Thank you for yesterday Suzan. I certainly do feel fabulous & different today. I am sure, I am, as I wished to be a little more heightened in my Healing Ability with these new skills. Cannot wait to use these skills on my friends. Cannot wait till the Master's Course. I am very keen to see how my week goes after this course.”

Your course today was simply amazing and I feel truly blessed to have been part of your teachings today. The meditation, as well as the healing, was so incredible and I look forward to bringing them on not only within myself but as well as enlightening the clients that are calling. The course delivered today has exceeded my expectations, and it is the first time I feel proud of having a certificate, as usually it just a piece of paper”. 
Emma Guthrie


Become a Seichim Healing Practitioner ONLINE

Sekhem Seichim stands alone but when added to any other Healing Modality, enhances the energetic vibrations received and transmitted.  Whether you wish to just experience its powerful energy, give others the benefit of deep and loving healing as a Practitioner or even become a Teacher yourself, there is a Course tailor-made for you.  


Sekhem Seichim is said to be the advanced parent energy over all other Healing systems.   We are now able to offer an ONLINE Certificate Course with the blessing of the founder, Patrick Scott Zeigler.


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