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Wings Workshops

​Wings Of Light cover initiations, certifications and teachings with several healing modalities, tarot instruction and other metaphysical areas of interest, both in a workshop environment and online. Such as; 


  • SEKHEM SEICHIM – all levels [Seichim 1&2 plus Masters] plus Online Tuition 

  • TAROT – learn to read to a professional standard - Fun With The Tarot' ONLINE Course 

  • ORACLE CARDS – learn to read to a professional standard - One Day ONLINE Course 

  • Various other workshops such as PAST LIVES, CRYSTALS, PENDULUM, RUNES etc - ONLINE Only  


Our workshop enhances any other healing modalities you may have studied, or stands alone for those wishing to become a Certified Practitioner. Many also enjoy the healing experience just for themselves or family.


Seichim is ancient and sacred. It is an advanced form of hands-on healing, having sounds and symbols, and it is said Seichim is the parent energy of all hands-on healings systems.


The Tarot is perhaps the most well known and useful psychic tool.  It often seems to have a life and personality of its own whilst allowing your intuition to reach new and amazing heights.

Online Workshop
Sekhem All-Love  
All-Love Sekhem 

A VERY SPECIAL ONLINE EVENT streamed ‘live’ from the United States!!!
For example, Sunday 25 July 2021

The registration fee is $95 AUD and payment can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. 
Australia: 10am to 1pm

Other Countries: please msg an enquiry.

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