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Fun With The Tarot'

The Tarot is perhaps the most well-known, and certainly a very useful, psychic tool.  It often seems to have a life and personality of its own whilst allowing intuition to reach new and amazing heights.


Although we have been offering TAROT classes for around 15 years, 2020 saw the birth of an ONLINE Workshop appropriately named ‘FUN WITH THE TAROT’! Day-to-day decisions through the various card spreads practised within the classroom may well offer the clarification needed. By deciding to join us, we feel this will prove to be a life-long relationship with a fascinating intuitive process that is available and open to everyone – no previous experience required.



Wings Online

This ONLINE Course, therefore, covers all the basics, leaves an opportunity to be committed to private study along the way, and encourages everyone to tune into that sixth sense - the one that is the guiding light for all intuitive work. Our workshops attract those that just want to read for themselves/friends/family or those whom I am delighted to say, have gone on to become professional Readers to the Public.

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