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Wings Online 

Since April 2020 we have successfully added ONLINE groups in addition to our existing groups, circles and workshops.


For those already signed in to attend OR those who plan to join us, please note how this will work:


Ensure you have a ZOOM account/app


A donation will be $25 or $20 non-working. This covers the two-hour group.


Once accepted and a day/time organised, banking details will be available, and when received, Invitation via a link will be forwarded, allowing participation in your agreed group.


About the Groups

The group itself will be different each week but follow the same format.   There will be a researched topic (e.g. remote viewing – telepathy – chakra alignment – channelling etc.) allowing learning and sharing.   This often leads to various ways to sharpen intuition assisting in every-day decision making.  We then engage in a Guided Meditation designed for deep relaxation followed by Oracle Card readings.  The intention behind every meeting is to bring matters of interest to each group in a social and fun manner. 

These groups have been running successfully since 2005.  First in Melbourne than in the last seven years, Melbourne and Mansfield, Victoria.  

Now we are ONLINE there are already those joining us from overseas and interstate.

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