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Sekhem All-Love Workshops 

Suzan has been running the Melbourne SEKHEM ALL-LOVE Workshops for many years, inviting Patrick Zeigler to attend as part of his worldwide travel schedule.  


These attract the highest attendance of all workshops run by Wings of Light and continue as a successful much-loved healing experience both for those teachers/healers seeking the next level energetic vibration to add to their acquired modality and also embracing those who simply want to experience a warm, loving, blissful energy that is beyond description both in its simplicity and intensity.  

The one workshop not to be missed.


LISTEN / WATCH / LOVE this interview with the celebrated PATRICK ZEIGLER, the founder of the SEKHEM SEICHIM REIKI

All-Love Sekhem 

A VERY SPECIAL ONLINE EVENT streamed ‘live’ from the United States!!!
For example, Sunday 25 July 2021

The registration fee is $95 AUD and payment can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. 
Australia: 10am to 1pm

Other Countries: please msg an enquiry.

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